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A Teaspoon of Resilience

Adversity is something which does not discriminate between anyone and this is something to be aware of.

In the course of life we encounter many times when we feel stressed and burdened by responsibilities that we think of giving up. But what if we could take it no more and finally give up? Now what would happen is we would be relieved of all the load and can breathe again freely but after sometime when we face an adversity which is inevitable we would be back to square one.

So the next time we face a difficult time we need to promise ourselves that we will not give up and face it like a Rogue Wolf instead. An adversary can turn into a misery unless we fight it and get ourselves out of it . To escape it we need to build up our courage and just accept it as it is, only then we can fight it and get out of it.

Rising back up after being beaten down is what "Batman" also advised for if we want to become stronger. Another lesson is the teaching of Rocky Balboa which tells us that it does not matter how hard we hit or how skilled or talented we are but what really matters is whether we are able to rise back up from being beaten down. This is one lesson which has kept me moving on in life and gives me the strength in difficult times.

We may have the best health facilities, or we may have a successful career but we are unknown of what may come next. This is where resilience comes into play and helps us to work towards rebuilding and re-establishing ourselves after being struck with an adversary. Believing in oneself and having faith in our abilities can help us in coping with the arduous situation. Just remember giving up is not an option here because the pain is inevitable.

The thing which is evitable is the suffering which is optional; we can cry and keep crying about what happened or we can rise up and wipe our tears and begin working on ourselves to rebuild what we lost. It is up to us whether we want somebody to show sympathy for what happened to us or become an inspiration to someone and teach them what being strong looks like. Adding a teaspoon of Resilience to our life will help us to keep on moving and facing obstacles with confidence. Lastly, I would like to share a very wise quote of Jean Paul Sartre, "Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you". Read this paragraph again to understand it better.

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