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Acceptance provides Clarity

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

We experience a lot of things going through our mind and sometimes it is difficult to accept them. So situations like this require some special efforts and behaviors which we can learn.

We are going through a lot of new things these days sitting at home away from our friends, family or even children. This Pandemic has made a totally different kind of lifestyle which nobody would have ever thought of before. As staying indoors has become the new normal, we have adopted new patterns of behaviors such as binge watching movies or staying up late due to the fact that the class or work next day is going to be virtual. But this routine is not necessary for everybody as some people do not accept the reality.

The people who deny the reality live in Denial with fake hopes about something which would never happen. It is a difficult thing to accept but it is even more harmful if we do not accept a situation or feeling. Without acceptance we will be hovering over the same situations over and over until we lose our minds. But tell me, is it really worth it? Like we have so limited time on earth and there is so much to do. And we chose to suffer in denial rather than moving on with acceptance?

Many of you have eaten apples and sometimes we get a bad apple with bad taste and instantly stop eating it. Try to understand what happened here, we took a bite of the apple and realised it tastes bad. We did not deny it and did not continue eating it, instead we accepted the fact that it tastes bad and stopped eating it. Similarly a problematic situation in life can be solved properly if we accept in the first place that there is a problem.

Once we accept we get into a clearer mindset which enables us to think about the available ways to solve the problem. This mindset is difficult to achieve if we do not accept the situation at the earliest. There are many tasty apples in the world and staying in denial just keeps them away from us. Once you accept, you are free to go eat as much as you can and become healthier.

We have so many things to learn and experience in this world that no situation or person is worth stressing over. Leave the people or situations which make you feel like shit because you deserve the best. Surround yourself with people and surroundings which empower you and make you believe in yourself when you don’t feel so. Remember to make all this happen the first step is Acceptance.

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