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Anger is not Tasty

Imagine ordering your emotions at the restaurant and getting anger as the starter. We all know our own anger and can imagine how it will taste.

Let's learn the Emotion Eating Ritual and experience how our emotions actually taste like. Firstly we need to find ingredients and in order to do that we need to bring a few things. Bring the following ingredients for the Ritual:

  1. Honey

  2. Cucumber(Refrigerated)

  3. Bitter gourd

  4. Apple

Now let's begin, take a pencil and a paper and take note of all the Good things you did today and write them down. After the good things try to remember the times you lost your cool and displayed anger in any form.

Now count the times of both your good things and your anger displays and read the next line carefully. Lick a teaspoon of honey for every good thing and take a bite of the bitter gourd for every time you displayed anger. This will make you understand what your actions and emotions actually taste and feel like and hopefully will allow you to manage them better.

Now we have two more ingredients left; Apple and Cucumber. These ingredients are good for health and help us become healthy. So their significance in our Ritual is to balance and compliment the other two ingredients.

If you ate too much bitter gourd then take a few bites of refrigerated Cucumber which will help you calm down. Remember to keep your cool because only then you can make sound decisions. If you want you can eat an ice cream too whenever you feel angry as it will work in a similar manner.

Now we are left with the final ingredient: An apple. This fruit compliments the good deeds done by us by keeping us healthy and boosting our immunity. If we are physically and mentally strong then we can give our best to do more and more good deeds. Being healthy makes us experience life more and be more effective.

This Emotion Eating Ritual is a reality check for knowing our behaviour and actions over a period of time. Many people might be eating a lot of bitter gourd or they might be licking too much honey. Whichever the case is the understanding for us is that we gain the knowledge about ourselves and get a taste of it, literally. So try this ritual and hope you get a taste of your emotions.

Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

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