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Be Yourself and Howl

Many times we try to mold ourselves to fit with other people or to be more like them. But is it really worth it?

We all are born unique and that is what makes us special. Each one of us has different patterns of thoughts and opinions regarding things. We have different likes and dislikes, which builds up our personality. If we have so many unique things about us then why do we sometimes try to fit with other people?

Trying to change our behaviour and personality for other people is a disrespect to oneself because it takes away your true self. Losing one’s true identity in order to be acknowledged by others is just demeaning to the self. If we desire other people’s approval we are never going to grow into a dependent being and will always fear disapproval.

The only Approval you should be worried about should be the approval of yourself. It is your life and if you need any other person’s opinion on how to live or behave in it, then in my opinion it is not really your life anymore. Ask yourself the questions you are asking someone else and take your own suggestion first instead of running to others for help others.

The first person to contact in any decision making should be yourself and after that if you are still not satisfied then ask someone for their advice. Asking for advice is alright as soon as you don’t follow blindly whatever the other person tells you. The most vital thing is to become Self-dependent so that you can help yourself on your on.

In the wild, Wolves are considered one of the most astonished hunters and there is a unique quality about them. Just like humans have unique fingerprints, each wolf has an unique howl which gives them their unique sense of identity. If nature has given us unique abilities then there must be a reason behind it for sure; To be ourselves.

Nowadays wherever we see we see trends or styles people are following to fit into the world more and more. But is the world a puzzle? Of course no! So make your own style, personality and follow it rather than trying to fit into this world. Don’t be the Missing piece but the Misfit who helps to make this world a better place. Being yourself will provide you with an enhanced sense of self-esteem and help you in your development.

Take care of yourself and indulge in activities which helps you in better understanding of oneself and the world. Stay curious and ask questions when you don’t understand something and keep asking until you find the answers. So don’t forget that you are unique and go Howl with your own voice dear Rogue Wolf.

Photo by Darren Welsh on Unsplash

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