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Emperor Penguins work Smart

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

The philosophy of "hard-work" is nice but what if we can get the results without working or doing so hard work?

We sometimes are fueled by our will-power to work so hard that after finishing the task we end up getting exhausted. There are many ways we can make our tasks easier. Making our work easier is not cheating but it is a smarter way to work because in the modern world Time is a vital factor. So doing the same amount of work in less time or in an easier manner is beneficial for us.

The Emperor penguins have small feet which restricts longer or faster movements which gives them their iconic "Penguin-walk". This walk to the sea from the mainland area is exhausting and arduous because the ocean is generally many kilometres away. So in order to cover the distance, a faster way is needed. Our penguin friends use the technique of gliding on their bellies on ice which makes them travel like an ice-skater.

The emperor penguins have one third of weight as blubber or the thick layer of fat under the skin, which they require for surviving the harsh temperature. This also serves as a good gliding surface because of its enormous size. Using their tiny feet to direct them while skating on ice with their bellies makes the long journey fun and as well as reduces the time to complete it. This creative use of their body tells us that we can also be creative in our work and adopt techniques which make it easier.

We as humans are blessed with the ability to be creative and explore ways which makes our way easier. The inventions and innovations are a result of this ability where we have designed some amazing products which make our lives easier and helped in our daily functioning. Examples of doing smart work can be using applications for time management or learning shortcut keys on your computer to increase the flow in your work. Also, typing on your computer instead of writing in your notebook can save time as well as keep your work more safely.

Smart-work is both valuable and functional without giving you the feeling of exhaustion. The Emperor penguins do not stop walking because they know how to glide on their bellies, but they only use this option when the journey would be exhausting. So be aware of your mental exhaustion limit and work Smart!

Photo from Photovolcanica

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