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Expecting the Unexpected

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

We always expect good things to happen to us but what if the unexpected happens instead.

We have a pattern of behaving and thinking which is a result of our experiences in life. It is due to the reason of having a similar experience for a long duration of time and we become habitual to it.

The recent example of this is the Coronavirus Pandemic which completely changed the lives of people. Our routine changed in a matter of a few days and activities which used to be normal became the ones which we started to crave as the lock down began.

This teaches us that things won't always go as we planned not expected them to be. So we need to be grateful for what we have right now and cherish it as much as we can because the next moment is not guaranteed. What we have is now and it is soon going to be turned into the past. So we need to appreciate the time we have and never take it for granted.

Changing our habits is a necessary part of living life at the fullest. Let me tell you a personal experience which totally changed the way I looked at life. One morning I saw the kitten sitting in my verandah who used to come often to drink milk. I noticed she lost weight and looked weak. By that time she had become familiar to us because of regular interaction. I was worried so I called a Vet and from his diagnosis came to know she has Feline Distemper; a viral contagious infection among kittens and cats which is fatal in most conditions.

I was devastated hearing this and didn’t know what to do as I cannot afford Vet‘s service again as I didn’t have the necessary resources. So I took the help of an Animal shelter where I took her everyday holding her in my arms. She used to scratch me and bite me sometimes during the treatment but I just wanted her to get better and live. It had been 3 days in the treatment and she became more active than before which gave me a little hope that she is getting better.

Unfortunately on the fifth day, I lost her. My mental state was totally devastated and tears didn’t stop. But I mustered up courage and took her with a few of my friends to the animal shelter and buried her. I consoled myself by saying that at least her suffering ended. The irony here is that I did not give her a name because I thought I would get attached, which I however still got. After she was gone the habits and the caring personality which I discovered because of her still stayed with me. She gave me a new look at life and I am grateful to her for being a part of my life.

We never know what may happen the next day or even now. Just remember we have a limited amount of time here and if we are alive it means we are living because there are people who are fighting with life to even breathe right now. Consider yourself grateful that you have a smartphone or a laptop where you can read this because many are struggling to afford even a Slipper. Be grateful in your actions and never take anything for granted.

Photo by Haley Owens on Unsplash

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