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Finding your Purpose

Everyday we wake up and get busy with our daily chores. But do we only wake up to do these chores everyday?

Doing same chores everyday which are not in our interest becomes boring after a time period. This happens usually because these chores are not what we Want to do but they are what we Have to do. Doing chores which are not in our interest requires our mind to work harder than the chores which we are interested in.

Imagine doing the chores which are not in our interest for the rest of our life. We know this sounds like hell and it sure is but that’s the reason why having a purpose in life is important. The reason to wake up in the morning everyday and knowing the answer to “WHY” you woke up in the first place is so crucial in life. Without it we would be living in an illusion of life which would be a robotic schedule in reality.

As Friedrich Nietzsche said “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how”, we can understand how simpler and productive our life can become. For example imagine yourself having the purpose of spreading smiles to as many people as possible everyday, you would be so excited from the time you wake up thinking about the new people you can spread happiness to. Later when you return to bed you will yourself feel contempt because you fulfilled your day’s purpose and may even sleep smiling yourself too.

The kind of purpose you have is very important too as it should not make you comfortable because once we get comfortable our mind begins finding shorter ways of doing the work so that the body can save energy. But if we have a Challenging reason to live our body and mind make judicious use of the Energy. That is the reason a healthy purpose combined with dedication is an unbeatable combination for daily life.

Spend time with yourself as much as you like to spend time with others. Spending time with ourselves does not mean to just watch movies or play games but it has a deeper meaning than this. Ask yourself the same questions you ask others beginning with the most basic; How are you? Answering this simple question yourself would make you realise how difficult it is to know how you really are. We understand it is difficult but it is worth it.

Spend more time with yourself and rediscover yourself. Finding a purpose in life doesn't depend on time as it can take as much and as little time possible but once you find your “Why”, life is going to seem a lot simpler than it was before because you can envision how your future would look like. After it is done you will start noticing the little things which mean a lot in the long run and work with dedication to fulfill your purpose. So spend time with yourself everyday and walk the path of self-discovery to know who you really are.

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