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Gliding with the Flying Fish

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

When faced with life threatening situations we are ready to leave our comfort zone and take actions to save our life.

The flying fish is an amazing example of evolution transcending the abilities of a fish from swimming to flying. The flying fish have fins which are shaped like wings which help them to glide in air when they jump out of water using the thrust from their tails. This special ability allows them to protect them from predators and glide away farther. It is impressive to watch these fishes glide over water.

These fishes usually stay under water and use their special ability in times of need teaching us that we should be prepared for the worst. We all strive for comfort and easy life which is not wrong at all but striving for the strength to face any difficulty is the better option in our transient world.

As the popular saying goes, “Prevention is better than Cure” is true for many things but as per my experience the better version would be “Preparation is better than Cure”. This is due to the fact that we don’t have full control over preventing ourselves from someone or something but we have full control over Preparing for the worst. The Flying fish is always prepared for the sudden attack by predators and knows some day or other it needs to face them so it is prepared to use its abilities when the need arises.

Some are blessed with talents like the Flying fish and some need to work harder to achieve greatness. In either of the situations one thing is constant; Preparation. Without proper preparation even having talent won’t save you from the unexpected turns of life. So never take anything for granted and be prepared for the worst just like the Flying Fish.

When we hear about Flying fishes we don’t really believe it because it is a totally different ability which is unrelated to their traditional abilities; swimming. But their ability to glide tells us that each one of us has the ability to fly towards our dreams no matter where we come from. Remember being born in a certain environment is not your fault but not turning it into a better environment is.

So spread your inner wings and jump out into the world believing in yourself. You have the abilities within you to make a better environment for yourself and your loved ones. So go and conquer your ocean and make this world a better place to live in.

Photo by John Cobb on Unsplash

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