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Habits make You who You are

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Right now I don’t even know what to write but still I am trying my best to be consistent in developing a habit of writing a blog everyday. It is not easy writing everyday because a lot of things are going on in my life right now. But I promised myself when I began writing that I will do it no matter what and it seems that promise is keeping my fingers typing. That’s the power of Discipline; doing what we said we will do even if we do not want to do it anymore.

This ability of sticking to your words is rare and the ones who have this are the ones who never give up. All the Japanese shinobis follow a routine for their training and train everyday in order to polish their skills. We can take reference from their daily routine to develop a routine which would help us in becoming more disciplined.

Going for a walk in the morning everyday is an example of a habit which many of us might have developed. Trying to retrospect how this habit came into being can help us in developing future habits more easily. Many times it is rather due to being with parents or being with friends that we like to go for a walk, or as in my case the urge to keep moving developed this habit .

Discipline can help us in redefining our life by developing life changing habits such as exercising, reading or creating. If we develop a habit of exercising we will see the positive impact of it on our body and even in our day to day life. If we begin reading we can see our conversations transform into an informative one because of having knowledge of various topics we read about in books.

Finally the habit of creating is one of the most magical ones because it provides you with the opportunity to become a Creator. This ability makes us powerful and helps us in many endeavors of life such as our respective professions or even our personal life. Such habits make us a Disciplined human and set us apart from the rest. We function more effectively and get far greater results than the ones who are not disciplined.

In a nutshell it can be said that habits beget Discipline. The habits you develop will make you disciplined in those areas so it is crucial to develop habits which are healthy and which helps us in becoming a better human, because becoming a better version of yourself is a nice habit. Now try to turn this into a Discipline.

Good luck!

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