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Hermit Crab's Order

Standing in a queue is exhausting but is a very good way to test the patience of an individual.

The Hermit crabs require a covering to protect their body from the scorching sun and thus carry shells on their backs. These shells are a mobile home for the Hermit crab and choosing the correct one is an important part to protect oneself. A single shell is only suitable as long as it fits the crab, once the crab grows in size it searches for a new shell to shift in. It feels like moving into a different house every now and then.

When a group of these crabs are searching for new shells they exchange the shells which seems a better fit. They tend to do this in a very inspiring manner. They make a chain by standing in according to their sizes one behind other, with the smallest in front and larger ones at back. They wait for the correct shell and when the crab with the correct shell arrives, they begin the process of moving into the new home. They leave their old shell behind and get into the shell of the crab which left theirs behind.

This orderly fashion in Nature teaches us to keep Patience. There are many times we can solve a problem easily by not reacting instantly and losing our patience. Just taking a deep breath and taking the time to think before taking any action makes us take better decisions. The Hermit crab also takes time to choose the correct home for itself. It takes plenty of time to try and inspect the shell before making its decision. Thus, taking your time is important.

The shell is a temporary residence and it is symbolic of the materialistic world to which we should never get attached to. We will possess many things in life but getting attached to them allows the material things to possess us. Having the understanding that being attached to material things results in disappointment because they are temporary. Investing in real relationships and bonds is a much more wiser choice.

So choose your shell very carefully because you are going to spend a good amount of your time there but never get attached because soon there will be a time when you need to move and find a better place to grow in life. Life is a journey of learning and growing so keep exploring and finding new shells to help in your journey to become a better you.

Photo by Matt Gunnar on Unsplash

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