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Hopping with the Kangaroos

When life tries to knock you down, hop up and kick it right in the face. Make life aware that nothing can knock you down.

The kangaroos of Australia are an amazing example of evolution with their distinct hopping ability. These animals have powerful legs and nobody would like to get kicked by them because of their strength. They are a part of the Macropus genus which roughly translates as "Big Foot" genus. The kangaroos have long legs which aids their hopping ability.

Kangaroos are Bipedal just like us humans and that's why it has very strong legs. These marsupials have a very noticeable trait which is their social behavior. They get along in groups which are called "Mobs". This helps them to eliminate social anxiety due to to repeated exposure.

The female kangaroo have a distinct feature which is the Pouch where the Joey or the baby kangaroo rests. It is also the region for nursing the infant till it grows. These apparent features make them so prominent and interesting animals. But what we can learn from these master hoppers is that no matter how difficult the situation gets, we can always Hop out of it if we have the correct mindset.

We need to develop the Hopper Mindset of Kangaroos which encourages us them to keep hopping and searching for food in their environment. In ordinary circumstances we may think of walking or running but Hopping will provide a novel and playful way of dealing with our problems .Hopping makes us feel active and thus we can think better.

Hopping means to move with the help of jumping forward or upward. Whenever we face any problem we should Hop in our mind taking time to analyze the situation and when we are getting back on our mind's ground we would be able to make a better decision. The Kangaroos keep analyzing their environment every time they hop in order to search food or entering a new area.

Hopping in mind allows the mind to think that things are still under control and it will make a great impact in the long run. Just like the Kangaroos hop and reach far, we can also reach close to our dreams and goals. Having clarity about what we want from life and what makes us feel content is what facilitates this process more. So keep hopping and keep taking better decisions in your life.

Photo by Suzuha Kozuki on Unsplash

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