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Gaara's Sand for Detox

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The Sand prison which Gaara used to trap his enemies in the old days is being used in a way to help people feel detoxified nowadays.

Gaara used to carry a container on his back to store his sand because it was his only friend. He used it for protecting and attacking when the need arose for him to use sand. But, those were the days of third Great Ninja War and now our enemies have changed; the toxicity from the surroundings or situations. So the powerful sand of Gaara is once again here for help, but this time without him.

In the Kyushu region of Japan, there is a little town called town Ibusuki. This town is famous for its 400 plus hot springs and people come here to bathe in them. But what most people are uninformed about is that the same place has a magical sand bath also. The sand is naturally heated in the hot springs and then is made ready to bury a person, literally.

The face of the person is left to breathe and the whole body is covered with the warm sand.

You will be provided a Yukata, which a traditional Japanese garment to be worn while you lie for the bath. A person will guide you to lie in the sand box when it is ready for the bath and soon start putting the warm sand over your body and soon your whole body would be buried under it except your face.

This is how it must have felt like when the enemy was in Gaara’s Sand prison in the old shinobi times. It is believed that 15 minutes in the warm sand provides benefits like refreshing the skin, improving the blood circulation and reducing inflammation. It feels as if you are getting a hug from Gaara, warm and powerful.

The sand is here to eliminate the toxicity and make you feel like yourself again like you used to be when the modern environment didn’t toxify you with its stress and other impurities.

After the 15 minute nap being buried there is a little technique to get out of the sand safely, because remember it is the same sand which used to destroy enemies in the days of the Great Ninja War.

So first slowly lift your arms, then your knees and then turn over to one side slowly breaking the Homely sand prison you were in. After the sand is removed you will feel so light as if Chozi lifted off you. This is how it feels after you detoxify and now you have Gaara's strength in you too. So go and work on your dreams and make them come true!

Photo by Jordy Meow on Unsplash

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