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The lonely Kakashi village

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Remember how lonely Kakashi felt after he got the news of his father’s suicide? But in today’s word Kakashi is helping a village to deal with loneliness.

Nagoro is a Japanese village where less than 40 people live now because most people moved out to the big cities in search of jobs. This brought the village population near extinction because the remaining people comprise of old people as the young left the village in order to make a living in the city. This phenomenon reminds us of the loneliness which Hatake Kakashi must have felt when he lost his father to suicide.

Society looked down upon Sakumo Hatake and it affected him so much that he took such a drastic step. Society’s effect on a person can be disastrous, so much that it can make people to abandon all that which made him/her. The prior residents of Nagoro left the village for the hopes and promises that the big cities promise, leaving behind their childhood and their memories.

Tsukimi Ayono made a Kakashi doll; Scarecrow doll of her father to be placed in the garden so that she doesn’t feel lonely. Soon, this hobby flourished and she made more than 300 kakashis and placed them in the entire village, trying to make it look like a populated village from the old days. This gave the entire village a new identity and a new name; The Kakashi Village or The Scarecrow village.

Each Kakashi has been hand-made and resembles a real human who lived in the village before they left. The village attracts a few tourists because there are more dolls than actual humans in the village. We can see how a mere way to deal with loneliness can turn into such a great thing. This is a great example of how we can pave our way from things which we think we would never be able to get out of.

Hatake Kakashi also rose from his loneliness and became an exceptional Shinobi whose name was remembered in other villages too other than Konohagakure. Both the Kakashi’s; Konohogakure’s and Ayono’s teach us the same lesson, if we see a dream, we need to work to turn it into a reality.

Photo by Matheo JBT on Unsplash

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