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How Naruto became The Hokage

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Naruto was not the best, but he had a dream and he worked day and night to turn it into a reality in his life.

Remember the first episode where a little yellow haired kid was painting the legendary hokage faces and was being chased by the different village elders? Yes, that is how naruto was in his childhood; mischievous and attention seeking. Maybe these were the qualities of Naruto which made him stick to our mind; his behaviour,his actions and his hopeful smile.

The Yellow haired human fox

The colour yellow symbolises sunshine and the Youthful spirit which compliments the behaviour of Naruto. And the fox within him had the qualities opposite of it. Naruto was not clever or cunning but the nine-tailed fox sealed inside him was.

This is a metaphor for us to remember that no matter what others perceive us as the true value of us can only be seen by us if we look within. We have so much potential to achieve greatness.This resemblance of the Fox and yellow colour left a strong impact on our subconscious mind and developed a bond with Naruto as if he was a real person.

We never know what may happen in the next moment but so does everyone else. So there is no logic in fearing what has not come yet. Instead we should focus one becoming wiser and stronger; by developing our skills and behaviour. This is exactly what Naruto did, he practiced his jutsus, learned various new techniques and as a result he was prepared to face any adversary or enemy which he might have to face in the future.

This mentality, which I call the “Shinobi Brain” is what we all crave for. To be able to be prepared for the future, to know how to react if a certain situation arrives in our life and be able to handle it properly, this is what a Shinobi does. Naruto was a true Shinobi and so our subconscious mind makes us more inclined to imbibe this quality of him within ourselves so that we can function better and efficiently.

That is why we like characters which we can relate to and often learn new waves of behaviour from them so that we can later mould it according to our needs. So remember to find a Shinobi Brain and you can become whatever you wish to. If Naruto can become a Hokage, so can you! Just believe in yourself and continue growing stronger and wiser.

Photo by Christian Joudrey on Unsplash

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