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Lessons from Saitama

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Remember Saitama, the bald superhero? You can become stronger than him and may even surpass him.

We all know what happens when Saitama punches his enemies and we know such strength doesn’t come in a day. He was an ordinary man who was just going through some troubles of life when he got into a situation which demanded the hero within him to show up. The strength appeared for a Purpose.

So we should understand that we all have superhuman strength in us, we just need a Purpose in life so that we can receive this strength. A purpose in life is the force which drives us to wake up everyday and look forward to our day.

The Person in the Mirror

Life without a purpose is like going to the grocery store with your eyes closed. There is a slight chance you may reach the destination but we are not sure how much time or how many surgeries it will take for you to reach there. So, in order to avoid that we must have a Purpose so that we can see the path and interpret the meaning of life as we move forward in time.

Firstly, learn to enjoy your own company rather than depending your happiness on other people’s actions or behaviour. You are responsible for your happiness. Now breathe and be in solitude for a few days; delete all your social networking apps or give your smartphone to your mom.

You just need to spend time with yourself and avoid anything which distracts you from this goal. Make spending time with yourself the utmost priority. Get a notebook and a pen. Write down about your feelings at the moment, fill one page minimum. Then read what you have written and try to understand your own thinking and patterns of thoughts. Now you know a little bit better about the person in the mirror; you.

Unleashing the Inner Strength

Knowledge of oneself is the most important because without knowing ourselves we cannot understand others. So understanding oneself and spending quality time with yourself is required in order to find a purpose in life. The purpose can be as basic as to fill five water bottles everyday to as exhausting as cleaning the house everyday.

Once you find your purpose your inner strength will begin to show itself and gradually will become stronger. The strength you will receive will be a test of your control and command because it can be both helpful and regretful. You must have heard the famous phrase “With great powers come great responsibilities”, this phrase fits here like a cheesecake.

.Photo by Lapis lazuli on Unsplash

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