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The Path of a Shinobi

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Naruto's Shinobi path allowed him to reach his goal of becoming Hokage and similarly you can also achieve your goal.

Whenever we hear the word Shinobi or Ninja we imagine an individual wearing a costume throwing some star shaped weapons. But in reality, the path of the Shinobi is way different and even interesting than just throwing a star shaped weapons.

Shinobi Basics

Firstly, shinobis were not superhumans or blessed with superpowers, they earned their strength and skills from persistent efforts in training. They did not train to fight people but to survive the worst. The primary aim was to avoid conflict and solve the matter with peace.

Shinobis had a great will to live life and portrayed great examples of work ethic and perseverance which are some skills which the people of the modern days can learn from them.

The Difference

The Shinobi Path is the way of the individual who does not like to get comfortable and always strives to improve him/herself. The never-ending urge to improve and become strong is what drives a Shinobi to achieve their superhuman skills and strength. The actual growth happens not outside but inside.

The change in the soul makes the ordinary feel less ordinary because they observe everything in their environment and become conscious.

This mental growth is what helps the individual to understand and analyse the environment which is important because without this knowledge we cannot perform efficiently. Having such a balance of mind and body results in the all round development.

The Path

The path requires three things from an individual; Honesty to oneself and to others, perseverance in every activity the individual does and Control over one’s own actions. Following the aforesaid steps would lead to a wholesome development of the individual and allow them to help the ones in need because that is the Path of a Shinobi.

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