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How to Smile today

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Many times we face situations which makes it harder for us to smile. No need to worry, we can get our smile back again.

Remember how seeing a little baby smile makes us feel good? That is the magic of a smile which can evoke emotions and feelings in us. A smile gives us hope that things are alright and it is going to be okay now. If doing such a little thing can have such a positive impact on our physical and mental state, then we should do it more.

It is absolutely agreeable that we cannot smile all the time but the important thing to understand here is, not smiling but to give yourself hope and be at peace without a sense of hurry. Smiling is just the most basic way of achieving this but we can achieve a similar state by doing many other activities in our daily life.

Taking a little break from your daily routine and embracing the things around you which you don’t really do usually. When you observe something properly you will find interesting details and will evoke your curiosity to know more about it, providing you with a new perspective. Learning about new things and trying novel tasks in your routine helps us break the monotony.

Whenever you learn something new and it amazes you it makes you smile and there is an urge to tell it to others. This urge Is healthy as it gives a hope to make other people smile and further spread more smiles. More the number of smiles, more is the hope in the world. So never forget to smile back at someone who gave you a smile.

Sometimes we feel sad and feel lost in life. These times are vital for our growth and this search for answers to the questions in mind is a sign that we are growing. Crying helps to feel lighter and we should not control our tears, tears are meant to flow. Once we have cried, we get a sense of reality that we are still here.

So now it’s in our own hands to sail our ship out of the storm to a beautiful island. Smiling in the storm gives us hope and motivation that we are stronger than the obstacles and we don’t fear what we may face on our journey. A smile is a superpower each one of us have and we should use it judiciously to make this world a better place to live in. So keep smiling and see you at the beautiful island.

Photo by Jase Bloor on Unsplash

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