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Re-animation of Reality

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The famous Re-animation jutsu used to revive Uchiha Madara and Namikaze Minato can be used in the modern times too.

Everyday we find ourselves stuck in the exhausting loop of life where we continuously shift our destination from waking up from bed to sitting in a bus taking us to school, university or office. When we return to our prior location; home, we feel completely exhausted and feel the need to freshen up and get our life back. Here is the point where Re-animation jutsu can come into play.

So, the first step includes, running to the bathroom as soon as you reach home then pouring a mug of water on your head. You must be thinking, why so? The reason is simple; the head is the region where your Sahasara or Crown Chakra resides.

The Crown Chakra

As we all know, Chakra control is an important aspect to become a good Shinobi, so having knowledge about the most important Chakra is equally important. The Crown Chakra or the Sahasara Chakra sits at the top of your head like a crown. If you gain control over this Chakra you will be able to unlock your conscious level and the control of other Chakras will become easier than before.

The Ritual

We have understood how the Crown Chakra can help us in gaining control over our senses and other chakras so now let’s continue from where we left the Re-animation jutsu. After pouring water on your head you will feel a little heavier. Yes, heavier not lighter.

This is because your mind just got refreshed and is rebooting. The reboot will take 2 minutes approximately and you are good to go. Now walk to your room and pat dry hair with a towel. Now just sit on the ground as if you are in love with the floor. Feel the ground beneath, feel the Gratitude to have the ground where you can sit. Say “Arigaato Gosaimus” 7 times and then slowly get up from the ground and drink a glass of water.

You must be feeling Re-animated right now if you followed the aforesaid steps of the Ritual.

Photo by Ryoma Onita on Unsplash

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