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How to Win a Loss

We encounter many failures in our life even when we give our all, so how will we win if we keep losing in life?

The answer to this is to perceive the loss as a stepping stone. Yes, a loss is a stepping stone just as a win is. In life we cannot skip these stepping stones if we want to grow. Let’s call the winning stepping stones as “W steps” and the ones which make us lose as ”L stones”.

In every chapter of life we have different occurrences of these stones, sometimes we will have more of W stones and the other times we will have more of the L stones. The important thing is not their number of occurrences but the behaviour of keep stepping and keep moving forward. These stepping stones make our path of Life.

Try to remember the times when you failed in an exam or was scolded by a teacher. The day after such incidents is a very important day as it has the T stones or the Thinking stones which make us introspect ourselves and question ourselves about how we can change our behaviour for the better. This is the time we come to know ourselves a little more and begin discovering ourselves by stepping on the T stones.

When we step on a L stone we feel miserable because we walked a long way on the T stones but still didn’t step on the W stone. This is due to the fact that we were not prepared mentally due to lack of experience and knowledge, so the L stone was put in our path to provide us with the lessons required for stepping on the W stone.

As we grow older we gain experience and knowledge, we begin stepping lesser on the L stones and this is the reason why T stones are so important in our life. The way we think or the type of thoughts we have play a huge role in shaping our life and the steps we take in life.

Now if we perceive the loss again we can understand it is just a stepping stone like the W stones as what really matter are the T stones. So saying that we win every time we think thoroughly is not incorrect. Our Actions and our behavior are a result of our thoughts, so it is important to think before any decision we take. After all we all want to become better and step on as many W stones as possible, so it is necessary to think thoroughly.

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