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Itachi’s Paw-print game

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Remember the Cat lady to whom little Itachi and Sasuke used to go to? She resides in Japan with her cats now, just she is only visible with your eyes closed.

Itachi used to help Nekobaa with her errands day to day and also brought the little Sasuke with him to help. To make this task interesting for little Sasuke his elder brother made a game in which they collected paw prints of the huge number of cats Nekobaa had.

We can find her cats in the Tashiro island, near Ishinomaki city of japan. This island is populated with cats and outnumber the human population and we can play the game of paw print collection.

The island has a variety of stray cats and you can find it roaming everywhere on the island, if you are lucky you can find one driving a car also. This place is a paradise for a Cat-lover with a cat shrine for worshiping the Cat goddess too in addition to the humongous quantity of felines. Also the island has some peaceful and beautiful views to fill your aesthetic appetite besides feeding the cats.

This cat kingdom is a real life world with real life problems such as a low economy and ageing of its population. The cats serve as a way of attracting tourists to the island and facilitates to boost up the economy. The cats are so many in number that taking care of each and every one of them is a very difficult task, causing many cats to become sick and weak. Gladly in recent years the place has started seeing the growth in the tourists and hope to see them coming more.

Itachi and Sasuke must have helped the island in bringing the people of Konoha to the island but it seems their time is gone and it is our time now to help the cats of Nekobaa, the Cat lady of Konoha. She had so many cats in her residence and even two talking cats, Denka and Hina. It is a pity we can’t find such talking cats today but we can still find the other beautiful ones on the island.

So let’s visit this island as soon as possible when you have the necessary resources and collect the paw prints of at least 7 cats as an attribute to team 7. Consider it a S-ranked mission and put in your Shinobi spirit to make complete it. This is a long term mission so keep training and hustling to become stronger and wiser because that is the path of a true Shinobi!

Photo by Alain Pham on Unsplash

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