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Judging makes you Misjudge

Judgement is a place which we all are trapped in. We are being judged by others for our looks, behaviour or actions all the time. But it's not a one way process as we also judge others because it's the way for us to make predictions about the behaviour of the person.

This judgement begets the Bias of personality because every individual is different and has different opinions and views about life. This difference can lead to our bias in judging a person. This is why we should prevent judgement where it is possible.

In order to prevent this unnecessary bias we need to train our mind to see a person as he/she is rather than how they look.To begin we need to first understand that we need time to know a person and initial assumptions may not be valid because of it.

Keeping aside our Judgemental abilities and focusing on our Understanding abilities will help us to know a person better. This is due to the fact that any information about a situation or a person would be unfiltered and we will understand it as it is.

Once we have spent time with the person or in the situation we can use our Judging capacity for making things clearer in our mind. This can help us to be prepared for the future behaviours because we have taken unfiltered knowledge which is the purest source. This is the reason most Biographers try to be non judgemental about the person they are writing about, as giving their own opinions about the person can completely change the perception of the readers who are trying to understand the person.

Once we begin understanding people without judgement, we come to gain knowledge about them from their way of talking, the topics they discuss, the way they behave with you or any other such minute thing. Here observation plays a key role in gathering information about a person.

Imagine sitting in a restaurant where many people are consuming a fizzy drink in a transparent glass. We are likely to think that the restaurant serves Alcohol and judge the place that it is not suitable for children. But imagine instead of Judging you asked the Manager about the drinks being served and come to the conclusion that they are non alcoholic fruit beer which is suitable for even children to drink. This new knowledge would completely change your prior perception.

In order to understand something or someone we need to look at it as it is. We have to shut down our Judging side and focus on Understanding. Asking questions and clearing doubts will give you a simpler meaning about things which you thought as complex. So try to look at things as they are and not as they seem they are.

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