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Kaguya and Mount Fujiyama

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Remember the beautiful yet dangerous villain who Naruto and Sasuke had a difficult time defeating in the third Great ninja war? If yes, then just try to understand in a parallel universe she is the reason which kept Mount Fuji active till date in Japan.

According to a 10th century japanese folklore called “Kaguya Hime or Taketori Monogatari”, a bamboo cutter found a little girl inside a bamboo tree and she brought her home to his wife and they raised her together. They named her Kaguya Hime meaning the Bamboo Princess. As time passed she grew more and more beautiful and the village people started to notice her and many men came to ask for her hand in marriage but she declined them all because none of them could fulfill her wishes.

Then came the day she realized her true self while looking at the Moon and revived her memory. She informed her parents she belonged to the moon and on the night of the full moon she has to return to her true home. She was grateful to the old couple who raised her and cared for her all this time on Earth and cried because she was upset she had to leave them.

Then came the night of the full moon and came a heavenly carriage to take Kaguya. She handed the potion of Foreverness to the old couple for them to surpass their human mortality and live forever. After this the carriage started to lift off and took Kaguya with itself to the moon and then Kaguya was never seen again,until fighting Naruto.

The couple lost their will to live soon after Kaguya’s farewell and so they thought the potion she gave them to live forever is of no use to them. The couple climbed the highest mountain in Japan; the 3,776 metres high Mount Fujiyama or as it is popularly called, Mount Fuji. They poured the potion in the mountain and it is believed that the volcano is active because of it.

Mount Fuji is one graceful part of Japan and many Japanese people identify it with themselves and climb it to visit the Kawaguchi Asama shrine to worship the mountain. This shrine was erected in order to calm the mountain spirit so that Mount Fuji does not erupt. Kaguya would never have imagined the old couple would cause such a big change in the life of the fellow japanese people by not choosing to use the Potion of foreverness.

Photo by David Edelstein on Unsplash

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