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Keep moving like the Ants

If we stop, how long will it take to move again? If we rest, how long will it take to recover? The Ants can help us answer these questions.

Things do not always go as planned and we often feel stressed and take a step back. We try to analyse or try to figure out where we went wrong, forgetting the fact that Life is unexpected and even a well thought plan can fail. The only thing which can help us in getting back on track is taking an Action.

In Nature we hardly see any Ant sitting still and thinking about where to find food, instead the ants are always on the move. They are always searching and exploring for the things which can benefit them rather than just making plans.This is the most important lesson they teach us; To Do the thing. If we keep making plans and criticizing them before even doing it will just eat away our time.

The above paragraph does not mean to stop you from planning and jump right into action but instead it aims at telling you that you should first try and explore and then plan according to the experience you gain. Remember without touching the water we cannot feel whether it is hot or cold.

The Ants are focused insects working towards their goals. This is evident from the fact that they never stop when you face an obstacle in their path, they just climb over it or make a new path but they never stop unless they are dead. This is such a big quality we can learn from such a little insect, teaching us learning can come from anywhere and anyone.

Also, a lesson from the nature of the Floating Fire Ants which have adapted so well to its environment that they cooperate and make a floating surface on water for the Queen ant to rest till they find a dry and stable area where they can find food. This kind of passion for mutual goal is what makes them so remarkable and noticeable.

Another remarkable member of the ant family is the Leaf-cutter ants who can carry fifty times their weight and carry them easily. These ants would make good tailors because of their amazing leaf-cutting skills which they use for cutting leaves and using them to fertilize nourishing fungus.

Ants are one of the tiniest creatures we can learn huge wisdom and lessons from. This in turn reminds us that we are never too small or too big to make a difference. So now let’s utilize our knowledge and work towards achieving our goals.

Photo by Stephanie LeBlanc on Unsplash

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