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Kiba knows how to Care

The dog lover shinobi whose partner was his dog Akamaru, with whom he completed all of his missions, His personality can teach us an important human ability; To care.

In today’s world of Social media people love to show things which look beautiful and cute so that people can get as many views, as many likes or as many shares as possible. We see pictures of cute little puppies or kittens everyday on Instagram or any other social platform but do we see any not so cute looking versions of them too? Of course not, people Care for what is beautiful and likable by others.

We often see many animals with no limbs or who are hurt, often by none other than humans. What about these animals who have been affected by the causes life made them face, are they not beautiful? Kiba would answer that all the animals are beautiful because he didn’t care whether Akamaru was injured, sick or lost his hair, he cared for him in all conditions and loved him wholeheartedly.

Love should be consistent and not based on the basis of mood, if it's based on mood it’s something but love. Animal shelters have all kinds of animals and visiting one would make your eyes open and allow you to see the side of animals which you never saw on Instagram. Here is the ground reality where they are treated and taken care of. These are the same beautiful animals but they just need proper love and care to make it into your Instagram posts.

The Inuzuka Clan to which Kiba belonged to was an immense dog lover and had different breeds of dogs. They were trained and taken care of since birth and they became strong dogs who fought side by side with Shinobis with opponents. The modern day animal lovers are similar to this clan but only difference is many hesitate to care when the not so cute things happen with their animals. But remember one thing, when you were a kid and you shit your diaper, your mom didn’t go and put you in the orphanage.

These animals are not a subject of pity but a subject to redefine pretty. Like Kiba, came infront anyone who tried to hurt or say anything bad about Akamaru, we can do our part too. Reach out to any Animal shelter near you and ask for volunteering time or donating things which can help the animals. This little step can make a large impact in the lives of such animals and also you will smile thinking how good of a person you are before sleep.

Photo by Ralph Spandl on Unsplash

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