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Kisame’s grateful ancestor

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Kisame was a shinobi of Kirigakure where he experienced a lot of unfairness from the society when he tried to do what was right.

In order to seek the truth he became a member of the Akatsuki and went on the bloody journey. He was a powerful Shinobi with his famous Samehada sword which can absorb chakra. This made him a very feared shinobi in many villages and a perfect member of the Akatsuki.

But as per Koizumi Yakumo’s mythological story “Gratitude of the Samebito” a Kisame like creature helped a human in return for his help. Samebito is a term for humanoid creatures with shark-like creatures. It is a Yakoi from the japanese folklore which has a huge number of supernatural, strange and interesting creatures. Not surprisingly, Kisame belonged to the Samebito clan of Kirigakure.

The story speaks of a man named Tataro who sheltered a Samebito at his home when he was exiled by the Dragon god of the sea. Soon Tataro fell in love with a woman in the village but was upset because in order to marry her, he needed to present ten thousand jewels to her family.

This made him fear that soon he will die without marrying her and then the Samebito will also be thrown out of the house because of his strange appearance. Seeing his ordeal the Samebito could not control his tears and started to cry. As soon as the tears touched the floor they hardened and were turned into jewels.

This surprised tataro and asked for him to help him collect ten thousand jewels. The Samebito’s exile was cancelled and was summoned back to the dragon kingdom because of his expression of gratitude. Whereas Tataro used the jewels to marry the girl he loved.

This story taught us that Kisame belonged to a humble and grateful clan. Gratitude is such a superpower because it allows you to understand that what you own can be taken at any moment; the world is Transient. So we should never take anything for granted and be grateful for what we have. Life will give you many materials for help but if you become materialistic, it will soon take them back too to teach you a lesson.

Such lessons in life are repeated until we learn from them and become wiser and grateful. So try to be grateful for the little things in life like having the air to breathe or water to drink because we never know when these things might disappear.

Photo by Mark Olsen on Unsplash

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