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Laugh the pain away

Pain is something which hurts a lot but Laughter has the ability to help us in diminishing it.

Humour is something without which life becomes boring and it feels like we are living in monotony of just learning and applying things. Having fun and enjoying what we do is the sole factor which keeps us doing things over and over again. That is the reason we love the things which provide us with pleasure such as watching a movie or eating our favourite snack.

Try to remember what kind of things you enjoyed as a kid. As for me, I loved watching cartoons and still watch even now because it gives me a sense of joy and hope that things are alright. This feeling of hope is so vital to tackle the difficult times and that is why enjoying and having fun is so crucial for a healthy life.

The popular phrase “Work hard,Play hard”, implies that we should do our best in what we do and after we achieve the goals we should have time for ourselves too where we can enjoy and have fun. If we keep on working without a break we would soon get exhausted. That is the reason why enjoying our work helps us work better and produce better results. So incorporate activities in your routine which helps you to have fun and have a good laugh.

The easiest way to have fun and relieve yourself from your stress is to spend time with friends. In the Rogue Wolf dictionary, we define a friend as someone who can do both of the two following things; make you laugh and help you grow as an individual. If your friends don’t make you laugh and help you grow, guess it’s time to find new friends.

If pain was a real person he/she would try to scare you but instead of being scared if you laugh it would make him/her scared of you. People who are not afraid of pain are the ones who understand that sitting on the throne comes with its pain as well as pleasure. So there is no need to worry about things you cannot control. The thing in our control is our happiness so work on keeping yourself happy.

The old population has always emphasised one thing to do in life; Enjoy it till it lasts. Life is too short to stress over things, so just work on becoming better and have a good laugh. If we laugh enough everyday we will have the wrinkles in the right places as we grow. So keep a check on how many times you laugh daily because a day without laughing is a day equal to a tasteless cake. Good luck and laugh the pain away!

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