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Living a Productive life

We all want to become so productive and achieve so many things but are we making any efforts for it?

We say we will get good grades in our upcoming exam but while studying we keep on responding to the notifications on our smartphones. When we go to a browser to research about a topic and soon find ourselves watching a Stand up comedy on YouTube. All this points towards our inability to Focus properly which is due to the presence of distractions in our environment.

If we want to do the most productive work, we first need to understand what productivity is.

As per Cambridge Dictionary is concerned they define Productivity as "The ability to do as much work as possible in a particular period" and in my view this is the simplest way to explain it. To be able to utilize your time to the fullest in making or completing tasks related to professional or personal growth is what being Productive really is.

But the question still remains, how do we become productive? The answer is simple by producing or working. In order to work efficiently we need to be free from all the distractions around us such as our smartphones. If we are using the smartphone as a resource for work then disabling notifications and turning on the "Do not disturb" mode would be necessary. We can think of any other creative way as per choice but the aim should be to have zero or the closest to zero distractions possible.

Once we have achieved such an environment we can now begin our work. Keep all your necessary objects near you such as water and fruits. This will eliminate the need to keep getting up from your work place to get these things. We are in a Focus zone and need to priorities our work over anything else, that is why proper distribution of your time is important. Divide the Duration of work in a 4:1 ratio where 4 being the duration for which you work and 1 being the duration for Rest.

For example, imagine you have to prepare a 5 page report on the topic Anime Naruto. You should research it and make notes to gain knowledge and then begin typing it. Keep working for 40 minutes and then take 10 minute rest. In the long run, this would become a habit and you would be able to work longer and faster increasing your overall productivity.

The duration discussed above are not compulsory to be followed but a similar difference between the work and rest is needed to develop this habit and make the most of our time. So keep these points in mind and begin your journey by utilizing your time and become a better version of yourself.

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