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Living Slowly with the Sloth

In our fast paced world there is an animal which still lives its life slowly and observes the activities in its environment.

The Sloth is the world’s slowest moving mammal on the planet and is absolutely not boring at all. Instead it teaches us some crucial lessons from its lifestyle such as taking life slowly and being gentle in your behaviour and actions.

The Sloth saves its energy by staying still, sleeping and resting because mostly its diet consists of Leaves which are not so nutritious and do not provide much energy. Saving our energy by carefully utilizing it for the activities or conversations which are necessary can help us in living better and reduce occurrence of exhaustion.

There are other characteristics of this amazing creature which will help us in maintaining inner peace. Its fur is no ordinary as it is an entire ecosystem. Due to it’s slow movements, Algae grows on its fur and provides it an unusual green coating which helps the Sloth camouflage with the trees and also provide a snack sometimes.

Also a variety of Moth called Sloth Moth, lives exclusively in the Sloth’s fur. This makes our friend a slow moving ecosystem. The presence of so many other organisms which are coexisting together tells us that the cooperative and gentle behaviour of our friend makes it a perfect host. Calm and clear mind is maybe due to the slow movements of the Sloth which provides him/her ample time to observe and think.

Similar to the dreamy movements of our friend we can also adopt a similar behaviour. This does not mean to turn your speed of typing to five words a minute but rather take out some time from your schedule and focus on observing and take some time to reflect on your thoughts and decisions slowly. There should be no rush to go back to your work and just dive into observing the thoughts and scenarios your mind creates.

This kind of Slow period will give us a break from the otherwise fast-paced schedule and make us understand the world around us a little better. Hopefully it will give us the smile too which we lose while working intensively. The sloth has the most amazing smile which makes him/her look high because his drug is life. Life is a beautiful thing if you look at it right and you can make your own life as beautiful as you want. Remember this.

Photo by Javier Mazzeo on Unsplash

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