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Look back to go Forward

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

There are times when we feel lost and don't know the next step. Looking backwards seems a good option in such a situation.

Remember when you first started to hold a pencil? Of Course not, most of us don't remember but I do. I remember holding it between my third finger and thumb instead of the index finger and thumb. Holding the pencil incorrectly was not just a mistake but a lesson for me as it taught me the name of the third finger; the Ring finger. So now whenever I see someone wearing a ring in that finger I get a nostalgic glimpse of how I learned about it.

Our past holds the secrets and the answers to many questions which guides our future. The biggest example of this is our profession as we get little understanding of what we like and what we don't. So we focus on the things we like and develop our skills according to our interests. As we grow we start applying these skills in our life and explore areas where we can polish them further.

For example, a painter may have started painting since he/she was a kid and grew up making a career out of it. But another possibility is that an Engineer who never ever touched a paint brush developed an interest in painting after attending an art workshop which made him realize that he was missing color in his life.

But all this comes from the Realization of the little things we did when we were little. We sometimes find our passions late in life as we never got to explore things earlier and this is the reason many people might disagree with the first line of this paragraph. Thus, the simple idea we should take notice of the little things we used to do in the past. Learning can come from anywhere and anyone.

So keep your eyes open and mind open, as we never know what we currently are doing is a result of what we used to do before. It is very important to know where it all came from because then we have a reason to do it even more. If we do not have a reason, then simply we are just going with the flow and in most cases we end up nowhere.

So look back and try to figure out what you already did and what needs to be learnt from and just go ahead and apply it in the present. This mental time machine called Brain is a gift to us which is supposed to be used as much as we can. Have a good time looking back and hope you gain an understanding of your present.

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

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