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Madara : A Master planner

It’s no wonder Madara was one of the strongest shinobis, but have you ever thought that he was an amazing Planner?

Madara was a Master planner and was behind almost each and every little occurring that took place in the Shinobi villages. We know that this Uchiha was one of the founders of Konoha alongside Senju Hashirama, so we can understand where his Planning skills can be traced back to.

His vision and his mind took charge of designing a perfect world where people can be at peace and there would be no conflicts.

In today’s world Madara would be considered as a Visionary who would go to any extent to make his vision come true. If we try to compare him to any contemporary giant, it has to be Elon Musk. Madara and Elon share a common disapproval of society; trying to do the impossible.

Madara wanted to create a perfect world and this required a very clever and thorough plan because it is not easy to die and be born again; which he did.

Madara’s understanding of the Re-animation jutsu and the knowledge about the infinite Tsukuyomi enabled him to play an important role in shaping the lives of people like Obito Uchiha.

He was so driven to fulfill his vision that he lost his moral side and began taking decisions which would be harmful for others. At this moment, his vision took over him which is a very dangerous situation to be in because people tend to forget who they are or who they were before they had the vision and they get lost.

If we think of Madara as a modern man today, he would be focusing on building a brand or service to provide people a perfect world to live in. He was no different than a modern day entrepreneur who gave his all by making a Plan which would help him to reach his Vision. Such planning skills are required to develop a Brand or in his case a “Perfect World”.

We need to learn how to plan and then revise it enough to understand the things before entering the arena. Planning makes our complicated life simpler.

A simple planning exercise could be to write down your expenses for the day every time you spend money on something so that when you return home you can calculate how much money you spent during the day. Doing this for a week would hopefully make you wiser in spending money and also make you feel how a planned expense day will help you in taking care of your expenses. This is a little effort for transforming your lifestyle into a smarter and efficient one.

Photo by Sabrina Ellul on Unsplash

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