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Mantis Shrimp’s Punch

Imagine being born with highly powerful punching gloves over your hands. Would you still restrict yourself?

The Peacock Mantis Shrimp is a beautiful looking sea creature which has amazing characteristics. This shrimp has the world’s most advanced eyes which are divided into three parts and their photo receptors can detect up to 12 colors. These eyes are a result of evolution which are necessary for the functioning of their second amazing ability.

They have the fastest moving parts of a marine animal called the Hammer claws which can strike at the speed of a .22 caliber bullet. This aids the crushing of shells of little prey when they try to hide from our friend. Being blessed with such an amazing ability he uses it to the fullest for its survival.

So imagine these creatures don't even have the knowledge of how to punch and only use their claws because they do not have any other options. We humans have an even more advanced feature than the Mantis Shrimp; our Brain. If we keep it healthy and keep exercising it we can Punch the obstacles in our way very easily. No matter how strong we are physically the real strength comes from how strong we are mentally.

The obstacles are similar to the prey which is hiding in the shell and with proper use of our mental abilities we can crush their shells and reach the next level of our life. Nature has given every organism the best abilities and skills to survive in their environment, blessing us humans with the most advanced brain of all the others. So if we still keep whining about difficulties of life we will keep wasting our time here.

If the Mantis Shrimp also refused to move out of his bill in search of food and stayed content that it has such powerful claws and prey would come to him/her. Similarly, if we stay content with our possessions and stop working we would soon end up empty inside. We need to understand that first we need to deserve what we desire and if we have been blessed with something we need to be grateful and prove ourselves worthy of it.

Many times we feel envious of what others have and do not value what we have. In such times remember that we are all blessed with our own special skills and talents. Nobody else can take that from us unless we hand them over. So keep this in mind and keep punching the obstacles of your life!

Photo by Dorothea OLDANI on Unsplash

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