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Millipedes know themselves well

Imagine having many legs to run but somehow you still can't reach far. Sometimes it is better to know your limits.

The millipede's name means Thousand legs but there are no such millipedes with that many legs. These invertebrates are one of the oldest land animals on earth living for more than 400 million years. Their size has reduced a lot due to the changes in the environment and also due to their diet.

These creatures used to grow above 2 meters in length during the prehistoric era. These creatures have many legs which does not make them a fast runner but a smooth walker. Their legs are suitable for burrowing activities and that's why they live in isolated areas. Having the knowledge of our own strengths can save a lot of time from exploring what we are good at.

The Millipede doesn't go out in becoming the fastest runner but instead utilizes its strengths and excel in the areas he can use its strength for personal benefit. This does not mean that you should only focus on your strengths and choose only those fields which fits your strengths but it means that there are more chances of success where you can utilize your strengths.

For example if the Millipede tries to fly he is likely to fail, which is a great learning to know the areas where we are not fit for. No matter how hard the Millipede tries to fly it just cannot achieve this goal due to the limitations as well as absence of the necessary parts for flying. So having the knowledge of our strengths as well as our weaknesses help us to understand ourselves better and take better choices in life.

We should always be ready for Change because we never know when the Time flips. The Millipedes used to be so enormous in the past but now they are small creatures. If they still carried their old sense of power due to their size they may go extinct now because the times have changed now. They adapted themselves with the changing Time and now they are living peacefully with the present.

Knowing about our Strengths and weaknesses combined with a mentality to Adapt to the changing environment is what makes the Millipede an inspiring creature. So try to incorporate its qualities in your life and Grow within. The exterior growth will take you far but the inner growth will take you beyond far.

Photo by Rashid Grey on Unsplash

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