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Moving on with Self Love

Everyone says that moving on is a difficult thing. But what does it really mean to move on? Like is it that you completely forget the situation or the person? Or is it that we lose all of our feelings and emotions for that situation or person?

Firstly, we experience a whole tsunami of emotions when we go through a difficult situation because we face something we were not yet prepared for. If we experience such a situation again in our life the pain is less than the first time. This does not mean that we go and get hurt on purpose but it means to be at least mentally prepared for the worst.

Mental preparation stems from the point we accept the fact that the ultimate faithful and trustworthy person is you yourself. This will prevent us from being able to Expect things from others and be self-sufficient and self-dependent. This is a lifestyle similar to that of the shinobi, because in times of battle sometimes even the comrades become enemies and you need to protect yourself at any cost.

The process of moving on begins with Acceptance. To move on from a painful situation we first need to accept that it happened in the first place. Denying that something terrible happened with you or that it was unfair for the thing to happen with you will simply just extend the duration of your mental recovery. So just Accept that yes, you are in pain now and the thing which caused it was the situation or a person.

After accepting the situation it’s time to deviate your mind and pass time doing chores you like such as reading a book or travelling with friends. Doing activities which make you feel better during this period is important and make yourself your number one priority. Do not indulge in any kind of behaviour which is harmful for you physically or mentally. Being careful is an important part of Moving on from a difficult situation.

Reward yourself for accomplishing these little mood lifting activities so that you are motivated to take care of yourself in future. This behaviour will help you in developing Self-love; the love which is greater than any love you have. Loving yourself is so important in order to understand how wonderful you are and knowing your worth. Once you begin this journey of loving yourself, you will start to introspect and realize nothing else much matters more than your happiness and health. Take care of yourself work towards becoming a happier and healthier person.

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