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Grabbing the Opportunity

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Opportunity is a guest whose identity is disguised and we lose him/her because of lack of identification proof. So let’s try to identify Opportunity better.

Imagine it’s a Tuesday afternoon and we are busy working while we get a call from an old friend whom we haven’t talked for a long time. Then we come to know that he wants to meet us. We think for a moment and calculate whether we wanna party on Friday with colleagues or go to meet our old friend. We decided to party on Friday night and told the friend that we are busy. Soon Friday comes and we are busy dancing while we get a pat from back and when we turn, a surprise awaits.

It is our old friend. He is the owner of the club we are at and he offers us a drink which we embarrassingly accept as we are caught red handed. Soon after talking with him we realized that he wanted to meet for discussing a job opening at his club with a better salary and better opportunities but that vacancy was filled a day before. At this moment we are cursing ourselves of our stupidity and a loss of opportunity and hoping that we made a better decision.

We all have faced a similar situation where we made decisions like that but how can we become better decision makers? The answer to this lies in the little extra things we can do apart from our skills or talents.

The first and most important thing is to Listen. We must listen to what the other person has to say and not be in a hurry to respond. If we don’t listen, we will miss out the details which may be of benefit to us. So the most basic thing to do is to learn how to Listen patiently; by not speaking for a while.

The second important thing is to Ask. If we want to know something about someone or some place, we have to ask. Asking is a simple thing which we forget as we grow in life. We start to think people will judge us or mock us for asking questions but in reality such questions mean you are Curious enough to gain knowledge, which is a great thing for your mind.

Now the third and final thing to do is Consistency. If you are a consistent person who performs a task with all his/her heart then people are going to remember your name and your work. Listening to what others have to say and asking questions regarding the topics will set you apart from the rest as nowadays people have forgotten Listening. Your consistency in your professional and personal life will make you a better person and help in the growth of your personality.

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