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Protecting the Mental space

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Our mind is a holy place for real as it is the source of all our actions and behaviours, so it is important to keep this place as healthy as possible.

We all try to help our friends and family which is a very good thing to do unless it disturbs our mental space. Once a task begins disturbing our mental space our helping of other people becomes un-helping of yourself. If our own mind is not in a condition to make decisions for ourselves then it is less likely to help the other person.

So our mental health should be our utmost priority at any cost because only if we have a healthy mind, we can function effectively. Consider your mind to be a glass of clean water. Then imagine someone adding red colored water in your glass. Then some blue colored water and soon you realize you have turned almost black. This addition of colors was the effect of the various problems of other people you are trying to solve, doing which your mind loses its clarity.

To maintain your glass’s water clean we need to keep filtering it whenever we feel it needs cleaning. So the point when you realize things are going a little difficult and it’s hard to help someone just inform them you need some time to get back to the prior state of mind. Informing the other person would likely make them realize that you need your time and hopefully they will respect your decision.

Remember you can only help a person upto a certain point because they need to learn how to take care of their problems on their own. If you keep helping them they will grow dependent on you and that would be unhealthy for you as well as them. So take your time and get back to the level where you can help yourself as well as anybody else.

Understand, that if you cannot help yourself then how will you help anybody else? Our mind is a holy place which needs a clean and healthy environment to flourish. To keep it clean we need to make space so that there is no confusion and we can think clearly. To keep it healthy we need to adopt habits like reading or writing which provides exercise to our mind. So take care of your mental health first before jumping in to help someone else. The aim is to help, not drown together. Read this paragraph again.

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