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Pushing the limits with The Ibex

When you feel it is getting too difficult for you, remember there is one animal defying gravity and pushing its limits to survive.

The Ibex is a master climber on steep slopes and will climb to terrifying heights in search of salt. Such an extreme need of salt is required for the proper functioning of their nervous system. The Alpine Ibex climbs the Cingino dam. This behaviour of the Ibex tells us that if a need arises as much as it is essential for our survival, then we can go great heights to fulfill it.

Our master climber does not have feet like the lizards which makes it easier to stick on the steep slopes but instead they have hooves which have sharp edges and concave undersides making them work as suction cups and aids gripping the steep slopes. Despite having this ability it is not guaranteed that it will protect our friend from falling as Gravity is a big player at great heights.

This teaches us that no matter how many resources or how efficient gadgets we have, if we do not know how to use them properly they are waste. So it is crucial to understand how things work and how to use our resources judiciously. Similar to steep slopes our life also has many slopes, some are easy to walk while some are difficult. It is upto us whether we choose to crawl, run or simply walk our path depending on our experience.

If there is scarcity of a resource an individual finds out the most efficient ways to fulfill his/her needs and maybe that is the reason the Alpine Ibex climbs so high to lick salt from the Cingino dam. We have the ability to novel devise ways of doing things in times of emergency which we would never do usually. If we learn to activate this ability in our everyday life rather than waiting for an emergency it can be very beneficial to us.

The Ibex is always exploring and practicing its climbing techniques to become better at it. It does not consider itself the master because the probability of falling down is never always the same. So everyday is a struggle and that is what brings out the best from our friend. So going through difficult paths teaches us lessons which are beneficial for us later in life. S,o keep climbing and keep learning.

Photo by Dušan Veverkolog on Unsplash

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