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Rave with the Comb Jellies

Ever feel bored at a party and wish you stayed home instead? Well, you can adopt the Comb jellie’s strategy for next time.

In the ocean there lives amazing creatures and The comb jellies are one of the most beautiful looking ones. They are like moving disco lights of the ocean due to their colorful cilia which resemble the teeth of combs which is the reason for their name. These colorful parts are used for their locomotion. This is an example of bio-luminescence, which is the ability of certain organisms to create light. This makes them look like perfect guests at the next rave party.

Whenever the feeling of regret strikes us for a particular decision just remember we have light within us despite lacking the ability of bio-luminescence. We can party on our own without the need of anyone else provided if you know yourself well. Just like we take time to open up with a new person, similarly we can’t enjoy our own company if we don’ t know ourselves. A person who gets bored staying alone hasn't met himself yet.

It's agreeable that being with other people also has its benefits such as we come to know about new and different things from others point of views and reduces “boredom”. But this paves way for dependency on others to fulfill our need of staying entertained. As for me, a person who can maintain his individuality despite being with others is a human we should strive to be, because it is a skill which sets us free and makes us independent.

The Comb jellies shine bright in the deep dark waters and maybe this attracts their prey to them. Similarly our inner light helps us to attract people who match our energy and repel the ones who don’t. This aids the development of great bonds and understanding with others without becoming dependent on them. Such a bond can only be formed once we understand our inner light and become one with it.

The light within us is not hard to discover because it is ever shining, the crucial thing is to maintain it and grow it. To do this we need to learn to enjoy our own company without the need of anybody else and cherish the solitude. Solitude is different from Loneliness and should not be confused with each other. While the latter makes us empty, the first fills us and helps us to understand ourselves better. So keep your light bright like the Comb Jellies and learn to enjoy your own company.

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