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Regenerating yourself like the Axolotl

Many times we lose our control in life after hitting rock bottom, but what if we try to rebuild ourselves again ?

Nature has many examples of organisms which can grow their body parts back after losing them. The Axolotl, whose name is difficult to pronounce is the master of Regeneration and can grow many of its parts back with no trace or scars from the loss of the prior part. It is a unique salamander which lives under water and retains its juvenile characteristics giving us a lesson that youth is a very important part of our life.

It would be so cool if we also had this ability to regenerate our mind whenever we face a difficult situation or a setback in life. Well, some of us do have it and it is called Resilience. The ability to bounce back from difficult situations and adversaries as strong as before is the human ability similar to Axolotl’s regeneration. No matter how difficult the situation gets if we look at it right we can find a way to get out of it.

There is a term called Anti-Fragility which means to get back stronger and better from a situation which was aimed to make us weaker. Achieving this kind of ability can be very helpful for us in a variety of ways. For example, imagine you failed a test and instead of crying or feeling low you accept it and begin focusing on the subject more and score the highest in the next examination. This would of course make your mom happy but more importantly it would make you stronger than before.

I remember reading somewhere in a Ruskin Bond book that “Consider yourself dead that you have completed your life up to the present time; then start living as though your life has been gifted to you again.” This is a solid life lesson which takes Axolotl's regeneration to the next level and encourages us to hit the restart button of our life so that we can begin again.

Starting afresh provides us a blank canvas of thoughts where we can paint our actions and behaviors which would be filtered by our past experiences to avoid certain mistakes. The Axolotl is the master of regeneration but we humans are the masters of our own mind and can change our path of life anytime we want. So, keep this in mind and make better decisions by starting afresh and working on to become Anti-fragile. Good luck in becoming a better version of yourself!

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