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Relax like the Snow Monkey

The Japanese macaques are famous for their peaceful bathing in the Japanese hot springs and this gives a reality check to us.

We are working hard and becoming a better human day by day but sometimes it gets difficult to keep going on no matter how dedicated or strong-willed we are. We focus on our goals and aims so much that sometimes we forget that we are not machines and we require ample amounts of rest and leisure time too in order to get refreshed. The Snow Monkeys have a very nice way of refreshing themselves and we can learn a few tricks from them.

The Snow Monkeys live near Nagano town where the temperature is freezing cold. But despite this the area is blessed with natural hot springs. These are the famous relaxing points of the monkeys where they bathe for a good duration and relax. It is believed that the sitting in these springs lowers the stress levels of the monkeys. This is only one of the benefits of taking a relaxing break.

Hitting the pause button and just being in the moment for a while makes us understand the importance of the moment. It paves the way for observation which makes us more aware about our environment and makes us feel more connected to it. We must understand that there is a whole world outside our work and we should not get too engrossed in our work that we forget it.

So just like the Snow monkeys, take a relaxing time off your work for getting refreshed and once you feel you've got sufficient leisure then get back to your work. After returning to your work you will have a fresh mind as if you have been rebooted like a computer. This will pave the way for better ideas and enhance the flow in your work. You can relate this to your smartphone or computer when you restart it, it performs better.

The Snow Monkeys take care of many errands such as finding food and self-care but they never forget relaxing in the hot springs and maybe this is the way nature keeps flourishing even in such harsh temperatures. Keeping a balance between the work time and the rest time keeps the body and mind in balance too.

So keep learning and working on your goals but do not forget to bathe with the Snow monkeys in the Hot springs.

Photo by Tore F on Unsplash

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