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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

At some point or another we all experience pain in life. But is suffering it the only option with us?

In the animal kingdom an injured animal cannot just go walk to the doctor and get treated, that is the reason Suffering is the only option for them. But even while they go through the Pain on their own they begin to get adapted to this.

But as for us we have the facilities like hospitals, clinics or any other place or person who can help us to get out of pain. Still there are some situations where only we can help ourselves. These are the times which require immense mental strength and willpower because it is the fight with our own self.

When we are younger our parents take care of us by helping us in wearing clothes, bathing or even feeding us with their own hands. But remember, when Naruto was a little boy he did not have any such experience because his parents were above in heaven. He did all the little chores like bathing, wearing clothes and eating food on his own. He learned to deal with personal chores Personally.

Similarly we all go through situations where we need nobody but ourselves, because it is our own fight. Once we have taken the time and spent enough time with ourselves to accept the situation the next step comes is to take Action. By action we mean to choose whether we want to continue suffering or do something to end it.

Always remember what Nagato said; Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. This is a life lesson because we cannot run from pain as it will come and hit you in the face but it’s up to us whether we keep crying about it or begin doing something to become a better version of ourselves and end the suffering.

We the Rogue wolves are the ones who feel the pain and feel it so fully but never let it consume us. We use this pain to our benefit by taking it as a source of motivation to work even harder so that the benefits from our efforts will outshine the pain and soon end it.

This is the Rogue mentality which we earned through years of experiencing mental battles. Giving up is not an option here but crying is. We cry but until tears are not left. When we feel, we feel fully. That’s how feelings are meant to be expressed. So feel what you need to feel but never allow it to consume you. Become a Rogue Wolf!

Photo by Philipp Pilz on Unsplash

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