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Sai and the Power of Creation

It is believed we are made by a Creator and in my opinion that is the reason we have the ability to be Creative, this can be explained by the help of the most creative shinobi; Sai.

We live in a world where we find many people trapped in the cage of approval. Such people fear disapproval and want to live up to others expectations which makes them deviate from being themselves and being with their true self. Art is a means of self-expression where we can be ourselves and create things which we want. We don’t seek any approval from anyone but ourselves; if we want to create, we create.

Sai used to draw since childhood because he liked to. Earlier his training forced him to suppress his emotions and his art was lifeless yet functioning. But as he developed feelings and emotions his art gradually became full of life and better functioning as a ninjutsu. This teaches us that art has the ability to make you feel alive if you put your emotions and feelings into it. This is so amazing because through art we can see our emotions so clearly.

Whenever we face a difficulty in life we try to find an easier way to deal with it. So try to draw whenever you are going through a trouble and see how funny your trouble looks like and then think if it is even worth stressing over? This method would allow you to assess the situation better and allow thinking clearer than before. These are some of the examples of the Power of Creation. We all are creators as we have the ability to create and we should use this ability to its fullest potential.

When a Creator applies his emotions into something he makes a Creation which has the ability to reach and connect with other people’s lives who share similar emotions. This is how a Creator can build his own tribe and gain support through showcasing his emotions with his tribe followers. An artist has followers who can understand the emotions and thoughts behind the art and inside the artist’s mind. Such a process develops a bond between the Creator and Creation because then both are seen as one.

Sai’s understanding of this knowledge made him bring his art into real life and tackle opponents because they were connected with his emotions and feelings and thus were under his control. So always try to put your feelings and emotions into anything you do, so that it is shouts your presence even in your absence. That’s how a Creator works!

Photo by Kristin Wilson on Unsplash

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