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Sasori’s Humble Behaviour

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Remember the puppet master member of the Akatsuki ? He knew how to stay humble and take care of things better than you and me.

Sasori made humongous amounts of puppets and used his chakra to make them work and come alive. This took him years to perfect his art of making puppets and gaining mastery over his puppetry skills. This routine allowed him to appreciate the importance of the products in his life and how to take care of them. According to the japanese Yokai, Tsukumogami are haunted household products which come alive after serving an owner for a century. Once they are alive they will be free and behave as per their wishes.

Imagine if Sasori would beat up the puppets after making them and speak ill to them, would they behave good to him after coming alive or will they seek vengeance? This philosophy from folklore allows us to gain a deep understanding of appreciating the tools or products we use in our daily life. Each product is special be it your toothbrush or your laptop on which you might be reading this now. We should be humble and treat them with care, else be ready to be beaten by your toothbrush or being chased after by your laptop.

Tsukumogami spirits can help us develop a positive behaviour and personality which reflect care and humility for the environment. Sucha personality is rare to find in today’s world where people have become too materialistic and use products as well as people for their benefits and then just discard them. Society needs a change and needs people who can be a ray of hope that human behaviour is still present in this world. Thinking of the consequences of behaving badly with any product can be a turning point in acquiring this behaviour.

We can begin by being grateful to the product in helping with whatever the task is being facilitated by the product. After you have finished your work with the help of the product, gently pat it two times as a means of appreciation and a sense of bond with the product. Sasori kept his puppets like they are his family and in return the puppets gave their all fighting side to side him with the opponents. Appreciating the products as well as people who help you in times of need, develops a strong bond with them. It makes them feel good about themselves and keep them motivated to help people more.

This takes us to the learning form Sasori and the Tsukumogami that we should be humble and grateful for things we have and take care of them. This includes other people who are a part of our life too. Rogue Wolf personality incorporates this behaviour and is a ray of hope for humanity.

Photo by Svetlana Gumerova on Unsplash

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