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Sasuke's Peace of Mind

Sometimes things don’t go as planned no matter how hard you try. So what should we do in times like this as a modern shinobi?

Firstly don’t panic. I know this may sound clichéd but trust me I have tried doing exactly that and panicking does not help at all. Instead the better option would be to just accept the situation and start breathing slowly. This will trick your mind into thinking that the situation is still under your control and you will be able to think clearly.

This is how a Shinobi thinks like because on a mission anything can happen so it is important to keep the mind calm. Uchiha Sasuke was so focused on his goal of killing Itachi that he didn’t allow anything to come in his way. He kept cool in the times where others got panicked, this shows us the importance of keeping cool.

Many people lose their temper so easily and waste their energy on other people. A smart person never allows other people’s behavior to affect his mental health. They understand that nobody is worth their energy and time. This quality of Sasuke provided him with enough time for self discovery and focus on his goals.

This kind of mentality is very useful to deal with people because we encounter people of different intellect everyday and some can become a little problematic. If we have Sasuke’s calm then it would be easier to deal with such individuals.

For example, imagine you are standing in a queue and somebody just skips you and stands in front of you. In this situation

an ordinary individual will be raged and will ask the other person aggressively to correct his behavior. This will make the other individual enraged too and the response would be similar unless you are lucky and the other person accepts his mistake and stands behind you.

But if it doesn’t happen then a lot of energy wastage is gonna happen verbally or maybe physically. If Sasuke would be in the same situation he would rather ask politely first so that the other person matches his energy and they can communicate first and then come to a conclusion. Who knows, maybe the person had an emergency and that’s why displayed such a behavior due to urgency or maybe he was standing before we came there.

This is the reason why a Calm mind allows us to think beyond the ordinary and find better solutions to the problem. Such a conscious level can be achieved by many ways but the most basic one would be to devote at least thirty minutes to yourself. This doesn't mean to do whatever you want during this time period, but it means to talk to yourself and know

about yourself better with the help of Introspection and Retrospection. Only with the knowledge of oneself can a person comprehend the knowledge of the world, remember this.

Photo by Alejandro Barba on Unsplash

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