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Shikamaru’s Shogi master technique

The super smart and sarcastic Shinobi who became the advisor of the seventh Hokage is here with a Shogi master technique which can be applied in real life.

Shogi is the Japanese version of Chess which has become a cultural part of the country. The first Shogi pieces were found near the temple of the Nara clan, to which Shikamaru belonged. This hints to the reason why he was so interested in this game and played it so eagerly everyday with his father. His mental maturity was way above his comrades and the reason he became a Chunin despite losing to Temari.

Nara clan’s famous Shadow imitation technique helped him to fight with opponents and at the same time improve his calculations of how and where the shadow falls in order to capture it. This daily routine of practicing one skill made a huge impact on him that he became wise and strong with time. This can be explained with the help of Shogi pieces.

There are different types of pieces in Shogi each having a different power. The soldier is the least powerful because it can only go one step at a time and makes him appear weak. But if used judiciously this piece can make you win the game because everyone is focused on the other pieces with special powers, remember Intellect is a power too.

This example from teaches us to focus on understanding the importance of little efforts which turn into a big change with time. Such a mentality helps us to improve our work ethic by building a daily habit of doing tasks and helps us in improving our performance. This is a nice practice in order to become a better version of ourselves by actually putting in your all everyday and following the routine.

Shikamaru’s promotion as the Chunin despite losing the match is an example of how having intellectual abilities is equally important as physical strength. In today’s world we tend to give more importance to other muscles because it makes us look good, forgetting that the most important muscle in our body is our mind. In order to be at peace with oneself a wholesome development of both mind and body is important.

So the Nara clan’s traditional game of strengthening the mind teaches us to think thoroughly before any action and take full responsibility of taking a decision. This method would be helpful in planning and implementing daily activities be it personally or professionally. Shikamaru’s shogi technique is thus a very important tool for us to learn a smarter and efficient way of performing any task.

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