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Stay Weird like the Platypus

The Platypus is one of the most strangest looking animals and that’s not the only fascinating thing about him.

Considered to be an experiment of Frankenstein when the Platypus was discovered due to it’s strange looks tells us that we humans have a tendency to not accept something different so easily. Having a beak like a duck, a wide tail like an otter, laying eggs like a tortoise despite of being a mammal and these are just a few of its characteristics. The male Platypuses have venom in their hind legs which will make you think again before passing a joke about him.

Having such diverse abilities and features in a single animal is rare and this is what sets him/her apart from the rest and makes it stand out. This kind of unique amalgamation is a result of evolution and helped the platypus to survive in its environment. Gladly in the animal kingdom nobody comments about the appearance or behaviour of the other animal and our friend is free from judgement there. But what about the human world?

As for us, we tend to point out strange things or weird parts which we don’t usually see in everyday life or in the majority of people. Sometimes people make the other person feel inferior by making them feel they are not a part of the community as they don’t look or behave like them.This in turn makes the other person have issues of self-worth and reduces their self-confidence. But we should remember that everyone is different and that is what makes us who we are.

Being called Weird or Strange is not a bad thing but a compliment because it means you are different from others, which for me is the best you can be. Being like everyone else is boring and boring means not fun. This means you are Fun. So cherish your weirdness and accept it with open arms and believe in yourself, because if you believe in yourself only then can anybody else believe in you.

Our friend Platypus is one hell of an inspiration and we imbibe his way of living life being one of the weirdest or as we can say, most Fun looking animal. Without fun life is boring so by being a little weird add some fun to your life and make it more lively. Remember that being weird is a superpower and few have it, so cherish it.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

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