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Story of being Self-made

Nowadays there is a popular term called "Self Made" which is misunderstood by most people. Let's remove the "mis" and just "understand" it's true meaning.

As Human beings we are social beings and interactions with one another is an important part of our life. So, when we label someone as "Self-made" we actually mean "Socially Appreciated" because without the appreciation by the other members of the society that person's achievements would not be in our recognition.

Try to think about any artist about whom you came to know through social media. They are being appreciated and supported by the people who relate to them or are inspired by them. So the hidden meaning behind the "Self-made" lies in the support and encouragement by people of love and care.

The reason why this term is popularly focused around a single individual is because in the beginning we are alone and the most important support we have is of our own. This period of self-belief and self-motivation is what gives us the results. Believing in yourself is so crucial because there will be times when nobody believes in you and the only person with you is you.

Thus we can say that your hard work and your persistence is most important in achieving any goal but it is not the sole important thing. Other factors such as having people who understand our vision and perspective are also important. We should never forget the people who were there with us in our hard times and who were not. Everybody likes to enjoy the fruits but very few will help you in tilling the land.

So we can infer that being Self-made is not just about our own abilities and skills but it is also about the people who support us in our endeavors, who stand by our side and who care for us. Respecting them and keeping them close to us is important for our continuous growth and development.

Last but not the least, being Grateful for any achievement is so necessary because life is an unpredictable thing and all our achievements can be taken away in an instant without any warning. Being Humble and Grateful is necessary in an ever changing world where you can lose all you have in a moment. It takes a lot of effort to become Self-made but only few wrong decisions to Self-drown. So be grateful and stay Humble and keep hustling towards your path to become self-made!

Photo by Daniel Klein on Unsplash

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