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Swallow Pain like the Python

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Pain is an inevitable phenomenon we all have to go through but one member of the animal kingdom can help us in swallowing it.

One of the longest snake species are the Pythons which averagely grow up to 4.8 metres but the longest Python ever measured was above 7 meters, maybe due to a good diet and good environment. I agree that Nature never ceases to surprise us but other than the enormous size of the python there are many things for us to learn.

This may come as a surprise to you but a Python has legs. Yes it’s true, it has two tiny feet which helps in the movement but they are too small to make a significant contribution in the movement. It is a sign of the evolution from a Lizard in the past that these feet remain.

Whenever we face a difficult situation we should keep in mind that it is not the most difficult situation. By visualizing this we can make our mind accept that we still have hope and we can face the situation. Making pain appear as small as the tiny feet of the Python which are not even noticeable makes their importance negligible.

This way the Pain or difficult situation tends to be less difficult and we can face it better. If we try to face it how a Python faces, then first we need to learn to keep patience. When a Python hunts it suffocates the prey and makes its grip stronger every time the prey exhales. This slow and repeated process causes the prey to suffocate and eventually become the its food. Having Patience and Perseverance pays off for the Python and for us too.

Many times we desire things which we do not deserve yet and lose our patience. But if we have Perseverance and we can achieve our goals sooner or later. Being Consistent in our efforts just like the Python, we will also get the results we worked for. Also the pain can be swallowed by expanding our mind just like the Python expands its jaws while swallowing the prey. It is a very slow and steady process with a huge benefit; hunger diminishing. So keep the following things in mind when you are in Pain:

  1. Having Patience and Motivating yourself

  2. Being Consistent in your efforts and Persevering till the pain is gone

Swallowing the Pain is difficult but it is vital for your development and growth. Just know that Pain is inevitable but the suffering is up to us. We can either whine or shine, it is our choice. Read this paragraph again.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

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