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Team 7 and friendship

Team 7 was not always the example of bond and trust but they worked their way up from scratch and we can learn from them the true meaning of friendship.

Friend is a word which describes someone who helps you whenever you are in need and listens to you when you stay quiet. Sometimes we try too hard to make friends but friends find us too easily when we are busy making other plans. We end up being best friends with people we think we never would talk to but those people become so close to us that we cannot imagine our life without them. This is how magical friendship is.

I never thought I would be blessed with having such amazing friends in my life, each one of them is special to me and has a particular story with me. They made such an impact in my life that I even imbibed their characteristics in my personality. As the famous saying goes that we are the result of the people we spend our time with, it became evident that yes, this is what happened with me. I became myself while spending time with my friends.

We think that we choose our friends but the truth is our friends choose us until we realize it and choose them. This is quite a tricky thing to happen but it just happens and it’s too late when you realize it. Remember the time when team 7 was formed under Kakashi? Yes the iconic Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto team. If they were given the option to choose a team then it’s obvious Sakura won’t be in a team with Naruto.

Humans tend to judge others that is the reason why many people aim to have a perfect and worth remembering first impression. This is why everyone thought that Naruto was just an attention seeker and ignored him because of his mischievous behaviour. But as time passed Naruto redefined this perception of him in people’s mind. With the help of his hard work and persistence he proved himself to become one of the greatest shinobis.

This is the reason why in Friendship we tend to forget this human trait of judgement and simply enjoy the company of the people around us. We ignore the flaws and focus on the good parts trying to teach them how to become a better person. This is a two way process; just as we teach them we also learn from them. That is why having a good company of friends is like having a library full of knowledge. Just as books affect our knowledge so does our friends. So spend time with your human books and keep learning new stuff.

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