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The 2 Rooms in Present

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Well here we are not talking about the room in which you might be sitting right now but the rooms of life. Let’s know more about these rooms.

We go through many changes physically and mentally as we grow older but there is a place which is constant throughout; Living. In the race of life we are always running towards the future and because of this we miss the present. The present is what is Real, the past is gone and the Future has not come yet. So all we have is the present and it consists of two rooms; Existing Room and Living Room.

The Existing room is a very comfortable and cozy place where we are satisfied in our life. We do not make any extra efforts and just do as much is required and focus on enjoying as much as we can. People living in the existing room seem to live life leisurely and with no worries as there is no necessary need to do more than what is asked for.

The other room in the Present is not as comfortable and cozy as the previous one but it is the one which helps us to Grow and stand out from the normal. This room is called the Living room, where we are never satisfied and aim to become better everyday. People living in this room make as many efforts possible even when nobody’s watching. This is how living feels like to the people in the Living room.

These rooms are open spaces where we can end up at any moment of our life. But it is not compulsory that we only stay in one room as with time and experience we become inhabitants of both the rooms but for a particular period in life. The important thing to understand is to Live as much as we can while existing as little as possible. Denying either of the two rooms will be harmful for us because we need a balance to function efficiently.

The time we spend in developing ourselves and polishing our skills helps us to become a better human. The living room focuses on our Actions while the Existing room focuses on our Behavior. Maintaining a balance between the two will eventually help us in forming Behaviors which compliment our Actions. Thus the two rooms in the Present allow us to know ourselves better and work towards becoming a better person if we maintain the balance between the two.

Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

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