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The Blind Olm Salamander

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Imagine living in darkness all your life and soon losing your eyes because they are of no use for your survival anymore. Exactly this happened with the Olm Salamander.

It is one of the rarest and most mysterious creatures on earth with an unique appearance and features. If a person sees it for the first time he/she would be confused whether it is a big earthworm or a snake with a funky hairstyle. Whatever you may call it, it is full of qualities and inspiring behaviour which we can learn from.

As The Olm salamander survived in dark caves over thousands of years it has completely lost the sense of sight due to undeveloped eyes. Yes, this amphibian does not have and still survives. The loss of one of the most important senses did not stop this creature from living and soon it developed using the other senses to their full potential.

The trait of nature teaches us to keep Hope and Utilize what you have. It does not matter if something is taken from us, it is about what we do with what we have. Utilizing our resources to their potential will help us understand the value of them. Because only when we lose something do we realize it’s importance and value. The Olm salamander utilized it’s sense of hearing which is so strong that it can sense tiny movements in water or it’s aquatic environment.

As for the appearance, it does not possess pigmentation and looks quite fleshy which grabs anybody’s attention. This physical characteristic teaches us that in Mother Nature the colour of skin is such a mere characteristic which we humans have turned into symbolic of superiority or inferiority. The only difference is in our thoughts and behaviours towards the environment and other fellow beings. Learning human qualities from nature is one of the most clever and healing things there is because we all are connected to each other.

The Olm Salamander may not even be aware that here we have learnt so much from his characteristics and behaviours but will of course sense our presence in its environment if we went to pay him/her a visit. So from now on wards we should practice being grateful for the things we have and utilize them to the fullest like our amphibian friend does. So goodluck imbibing qualities of the Blind Olm salamander and remember you can achieve your goals if you put in the work everyday.

Picture of Olm Salamander by BBCEarth

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